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The passion of Todd’s life and ministry to the nations is souls and to see others experience the transferable, tangible anointing of the Holy Spirit. God releases His presence and power through Todd’s life in a mighty way, confirming that Jesus still heals every sickness and disease. God has drawn Todd into deep and intimate places of prayer. These extended times in God’s presence has released a fresh prophetic and miracle-healing anointing.

Through these books Todd’s passion and experiences are translated into the reader’s hands. Whether about healing, deliverance, intimacy with the Lord, or maturing daily with God there is something tangible on each page for the reader.

Todd believes the Body of Christ needs to be strengthened and encouraged. He ministers prophetically, corporately and personally as well as brings forth the word of God with the power and demonstration of the Spirit-God confirming His word with signs and wonders following. God has released an increase of the healing anointing into Todd’s life- the blind see, the deaf hear and growths dissolve as Jesus heals every sickness and disease.



About the Books

The Secret Place

The Secret Place is a garden of love to be experienced and a house of treasures to be explored. In this book, I share with you my personal experiences in the glory during the early days of my walk with God, experiences that introduced me to the love garden and Father’s house. Also, you will receive insight and inspiration from the writings of some of the Christian mystics of the past.

The Secret Place will be your personal handbook, helping you overcome the obstacles of apathy, leap over the wall of distractions and find your way back to the trysting place of our first love in the garden. In that romantic place, you will get marinated in the Holy Spirit, see the glory, receive revelation, discover the power of God, find the stairway to heaven, experience the kiss of intimacy and learn how to rest.

Every Day with God

Every Day with God Devotional is a stimulus to support you in your pursuit of a life of miracles. This devotional will be the tool needed to teach you the ways of the supernatural. Your every day stimulus to support you in your pursuit of a life of miracles.

This devotional has a specific purpose and that purpose is to provide a format for quiet reflection on the theme of that day’s meditational thought.  These themes are written in a way to encourage you and challenge you to learn how to live under an open heaven.

Christ Healing Touch Volume 1

Christ’s Healing Touch is written as a complete war manual on the healing ministry, to you, like Jesus, can heal all who are “oppressed by the devil” (Acts 10:38), and with God’s power, “destroy the works of the enemy” (1 Jn. 3:8). Together Volumes I & II will help give you a complete theological understanding of healing and will impart a new passion and anointing for doing the supernatural works of Jesus.


Christ Healing Touch Volume 2

Christ Healing Touch Volume II “Ministering God’s Power in Deliverance and Healing” is the second Volume in the Christ Healing Touch Series. Volume II is a continuation of the written war manual on the healing ministry that began in Christ Healing Touch Volume I “Understanding How to Take God’s Healing Power To the World”.

Appropriate your own healing, or take Christ’s healing touch throughout the earth! God is raising up a healing army that can demonstrate a Gospel of Power to the world! If you desire fully to share the Gospel with others, not only in word but also in the demonstration of the Spirit and in power (1 Corinthians 2:4), this book will equip and encourage you to walk in an overflow of God’s awesome power to heal, deliver, and save!