Christ’s Healing Touch Vol. 1


Todd Bentley has done it again-he has provided us with an invaluable tool helping us bring an authentic gospel to the streets of this nation
beyond. Instead of reinforcing the misconception of “miracles are for superstars,” he equips us with the insights necessary to pursue healing as a Biblical mandate. It’s his personal story that completes the picture by creating in us a hunger to passionately pursue Jesus, the true Healer.

Bill Johnson, Pastor, Bethel Church, Redding, CA, USA
Author, When Heaven Invades Earth

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Christ’s Healing Touch is written as a complete war manual on the healing ministry, to you, like Jesus, can heal all who are “oppressed by the devil” (Acts 10:38), and with God’s power, “destroy the works of the enemy” (1 Jn. 3:8). Together Volumes I & II will help give you a complete theological understanding of healing and will impart a new passion and anointing for doing the supernatural works of Jesus.


I am grateful to God for raising up such a young man as Todd Bentley. He’s a man from outside the camp, who God is using to actually embarrass many who have been in the ministry for a long time (and many who have much training) for their latent unbelief and lack of power. May Todd’s life, ministry, and books provoke us to a holy jealousy and stir in us a desire to see and experience more of the biblical promises in our lives. I recommend this book as one which will increase your faith and understanding regarding the ministry of healing and the miraculous. I am going to add it to the reading list for my interns.

RANDY CLARK, Founder and President of Global Awakening


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