Harvest Power (MP3)


Nearly 20hrs of Equipping

– A New Vision of the Harvest
– A Love for the Gospel & Preaching and Understanding What is the Gospel
– Prophetic Evangelism & Power Evangelism
– Spiritual Question and Answer
– Marketing and Crowd Source Funding
– Heroic Revival and Revival, Awakening, & Harvest
– Soul Travail

PDF Study Guide Included

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Scripture teaches us that Christ’s kingdom is within us and all around us. When Jesus showed His disciples how to pray, He spoke directly to His Father, Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matt. 6:9). God wants us to learn how to bring the reality of the kingdom of heaven right into our midst here on earth, as Jesus did! This radical and biblically sound new school from Todd Bentley will ignite a roaring passion for Jesus in the hearts of believers for the glory of God.

Students will discover how to access the realm of as it is in heaven in every earthly circumstance. They will discover the gospel of power and the very dynamics of being a kingdom ambassador with the power and the authority to cast out devils, heal the sick, and raise the dead. They will discover and learn how to access every spiritual inheritance that God has promised is ours, but most of all, Kingdom Invasion prepares us to passionately introduce the lost to Jesus in a way that deeply touches them. It compels God’s children to present the kingdom of God in power everywhere.

This is the appointed time to take the kingdom of God into the streets and invite the poor, the sick, the blind, and the captive, to come to Jesus’ banqueting table. Harvest Power equips believers for this glorious task.