Really Big Sale – 21 Teaching Series and Schools Together


Every digital resource from Todd Bentley together in one download.

This package includes:

  1. Developing Your Seer Gift
  2. Encounters Of The Kingdom Kind
  3. Gifts, Anointing, & Mantles
  4. Go Of The Gospel
  5. Healings, Signs, & Wonders School 101
  6. Heavenly Courts and Divine Counsel
  7. How to Receive The Anointing
  8. The Kingdom School
  9. Making Heaven Real
  10. Overcoming The Spirit of Leviathon
  11. Redeeming Kingdom Dreams
  12. Resurrection Power
  13. Revival Classics
  14. School Of The Anointing
  15. School Of The Prophets
  16. School Of the Supernatural
  17. Supernatural- Dreams, Visions, and Signs & Wonders
  18. The Function Of Miracles
  19. The Holy Spirit And The Anointing
  20. The Reality Of The Supernatural
  21. Spirit Of Revival


This is collection of teachings gathered from nearly two decades of ministry ranging from intimacy in prayer to seeing the manifestation of resurrection power in your life. Some of the titles included have more than 10 teachings which gives you hundreds of hours of teaching.

Every digital resource from Todd Bentley together in one download.

Hundreds of hours of teaching and impartation!