The Legacy Bundle


The Legacy Bundle includes:

  • 250+ hrs of teaching
  • All 7 of Todds Schools:

1. Harvest Power School  2.The Healing School  3. Kingdom School 4.Reality of the Supernatural World-  5.School of Prophets – 6.Anointing School  7.Gifts, Anointing’s, and Mantles.

                (Each school includes a student manual in a PDF download version.)

  • All 9 of Personal Supernatural mentoring Courses include the following:
1. The Secret Place Experience
2. Understanding Spiritual Gifts and Anointings
3. Revival 3D – 3 Day Intensive on the Ministry of Revival
4. School Of The Prophets – with Ivan Roman and Westley Roderick
5. Personal Mentoring In the Supernatural
6. Bondage Breakers – Personal Mentoring on Deliverance
7. The Ministry Business
8. Advanced Prophetic Seer Class
9. Healing & Creative Miracles



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The Legacy Bundle is the perfect collection including all of Todd Bentley’s supernatural training schools and equipping courses. Over 250 hours of teaching!

Each of the 9 recent mentoring courses have impartation in prayer and a Q&A at the end of each session.

You will get all 7 schools, including our latest school, Harvest Power!

The schools also includes The Healing School, Kingdom School, Reality of the Supernatural World, School of Prophets, Anointing School, and Gifts, Anointings, and Mantles.

Each school will include a PDF download copy of the student manual that corresponds to each school.