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Do you long to get out of the rut of passionless prayer and learn to speak the love language spoken between God and man? Would you like to find your way back to that ancient place where God’s presence is encountered and His love is experienced, in ways you have never felt or known? Then, this is the book and study guide for you!

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The Secret Place is your personal handbook, helping you overcome the obstacles of apathy, leap over the wall of distractions and find your way back to the trysting place of our first love in the garden. In that romantic place, you will get marinated in the Holy Spirit, see the glory, receive revelation, discover the power of God, find the stairway to heaven, experience the kiss of intimacy and learn how to rest.

Reading a book is different than studying a book.
While reading a book, you will be inspired by the
truths that are revealed and the stories that are shared. However, you will not retain everything you read and, this is the big one, you will miss some important truths during the reading process.

This book was created to be an interactive study guide. What does that mean? Interactive means two or more people engaging with one another. The design of this study guide is produced in a way that will help you to more deeply engage with the revelation I shared in The Secret Place book.

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