The Supernatural Experience


This bundle offers more than 35 hours of training, equipping and activation from the “How to develop your Seer Gift” series and the entire “School of the Supernatural Realms of Heaven” School.

This exciting school by Todd Bentley teaches on
prophetic ministry with instruction on how to engage the revelatory realm of heaven.
God wants to open the windows of Heaven for you so that just as in the meetings of past revivalists. He will give you glimpses into the supernatural realm through visions, trances, and angelic encounters.


Through out these courses, the Lord wants to remove the veil that is on the eyes of our heart and open up the reality of the supernatural world!



This bundle includes:

  • The student study guide and the Teachers edition notes for The School of the Supernatural Realms of Heaven.
  • 6 CD teaching set in How To Develop Your Seer Gift.
  • Valued at $120.00