How to Receive the Anointing


The fact is when we’re connected to God by intimate relationship, when we’re His friend, not only does God’s anointing naturally flow through us, it increases. And that’s what I want to discuss with you in this teaching series—how to walk in the increase of the anointing. Walking in the anointing and the increase is meant for everyone to experience. What’s more, it should be natural or normal.


This teaching series is for holy ghost wine drinkers only! Prolonged listening exposure to these messages, followed by fervent prayer, will greatly increase your risk of receiving a greater measure of the anointing of the Holy Spirit!

God’s anointing is a precious treasure that priceless. Actually the anointed one, Jesus Christ, is the anointing! Since he said, “apart from me you can do nothing” it is vital that Christians learn how to receive and walk in God’s anointing. In fact, that is why this outstanding series has been created!

What Todd Bentley has learned over the years, the significant insights that are vital keys to the anointing, he reveals in four dynamic teachings contained in this series – how to move in the anointing; keys to grow in the anointing; dignity; and Holy Ghost lush. Each teaching will enrich your determination to press-in for full anointing and will also increase the intensity of it. Ultimately, not only will you be the blessing you want to be, you will receive the favor and blessing that comes with the anointing!