The God Factor


In times of great uncertainty and difficult challenges, we need to remember The God Factor.

I can’t help to think of this quote at times like this from the true Apostle and father of FAITH Smith Wigglesworth;

“When we come to the place of impossibilities, it is the greatest place to be to see the possibilities of God.”

In this time of crisis we need hope, intimacy, faith,  and to know how to respond in power and healing! The God Factor will help you live a life of Power Evangelism and Miracle Ministry! 

Are you ready for The God Factor? 


This collection includes 26 tracks and over 30 hours of powerful teachings from some of Todds classic series such as:

  • Go of the Gospel
  • Spirit of Revival
  • The Best of the Secret Place with Guest Speakers
  • From the Vault / Prayer and Intimacy
  • And a FREE ebook Download of Todds #1 Best Selling book The Secret Place!


The Go of the Gospel: 

This is a six part series on living a supernatural lifestyle of signs and wonders. This Series includes lessons: Soul Travail, Gospel of the Kingdom, Prophetic Evangilism, Apostolic Harvesting, SOZO, and Dunamis Power.

This series has been created to prepare and train you to walk in dunamis power, preaching the gospel with miracles, signs, and wonders following. You will also discover real keys that will position you in the ministry of intercession and you will learn how to fast, pray, and travail for the lost. Dynamic stories of power encounters, salvation, healing, and deliverance will inspire your faith as you come to understand what the full gospel message is all about. You will be equipped to preach the true gospel of the kingdom boldly with a demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power!


Spirit of Revival:

It’s time to usher in the Spirit of Revival! That’s why this entire series is packed full of impartation about what it truly means to be a revivalist in this strategic hour! The Three Major Themes of Revival is inspired by the three great revivals described in the Book of Acts. You’ll learn key principles about how to set yourself on fire for God, how to maintain revival, and how to pray in the spirit of revival.

Fresh Oil and Revival Fire is a passionate message that will stir you to press in for all of the benefits, victory, and blessing that come when fresh oil and Holy Ghost revival fire falls on your life! As Todd shares several principles about coming into a fresh anointing, you’ll learn about what that anointing is and how to receive that priceless fresh oil.

The Spirit of Revival is the right fuel for any smoldering revival fire! As you listen to Todd’s personal stories of revival and visitation you will receive vital keys to fan the flames of revival and truly maintain that fire in your life.


The Best of the Secret Place:

Hours of teachings for maintaining and entering into the Secret Place by your favorite teachers!


The Best of the Secret Place
  • Bobby Conner
  • Heidi Baker
  • Graham Cooke
  • Todd Bentley
  • Charlie Shamp
  • Jason Upton
  • Don Potter
Encountering the Father’s Heart
Secret Place of the Stairs
Prayer and Intimacy Teaching Series