Revival Classics Vol I – Holy Desperation (MP3)


Revival Classics is a group of teachings from the earliest days from Todd Bentley’s ministry never released in a digital format.

Be ready to be immersed in the raw and tangible anointing with these Revival Classics from Todd Bentley.


In this 3 teaching series Todd brings you to a new level of hunger and desperation for the presence of God through personal encounters and the Word of God.

Expect to never be the same after this series!

Series Includes:

Desperation: How to loose God’s miraculous power: In this teaching Todd will show you, the desperate always receive from God.

The Wells of God: The “Well” versus the “Fountain” Christian. This teaching is about God chasing, digging up the ancient wells of revival and how to loose your destiny in the spirit. Todd shares on how to dig up the past wells of revival and healing.

The Hungry Man: this is a teaching about holy desperation, a revival teaching that will make you hungry and thirsty for God. In this teaching, Todd shares a personal testimony of how he learned the power of God chasing. This Worcester you up to pray and seek His face…A message that will make you hungry.