Revival Classics Vol III – The Prophetic (MP3)


Revival Classics is a group of teachings from the earliest days from Todd Bentley’s ministry never released in a digital format.

Be ready to be immersed in the raw and tangible anointing with these Revival Classics from Todd Bentley.


In this Revival Classic your prophetic gift will be stirred and activated to a greater level.

Series Includes

The Prophetic: God is raising up a prophetic church. This teaching will help you to know the voice of God, understand the ways that God speaks, how to prophesy, and what God is doing concerning the prophetic in the church.

Prophetic Decrees: A powerful message on how to make war in the heavenlies with your prophetic word. Todd teaches on the importance of birthing your prophetic promise. Todd will give you insight into:

“What do I do with my prophetic word?”
“What is my responsibility with the prophetic?”

What you do or don’t do with your prophetic word can either make or break that promise. Todd will help you loose your word in Heaven and bring it to pass in the earth.

Prophetic Evangelism: Todd shares a message on how to prophesy over the unbelievers. In this teaching, Todd will give you keys to developing a prophetic consciousness. He teaches on how to operate in a demonstration of the Holy Ghost and power in the streets.