Revival Classics Vol IV – Prayer and Intimacy (MP3)


Revival Classics is a group of teachings from the earliest days from Todd Bentley’s ministry never released in a digital format.

Be ready to be immersed in the raw and tangible anointing with these Revival Classics from Todd Bentley.


It is within Prayer and Intimacy that the power of His resurrection dwell. In this Revival Classic you will be challenged to pursue with fervency for the presence of Jesus.

Series Includes:

Prayer and Intimacy: Are you hungry for God? This is a powerful teaching on how to come back to the Glory of God. This teaching will challenge you to know Him, to know Him more in the power of His resurrection. You will be moved into the shekinah glory of His presence.

The King and the Priest: This is a message on intimacy. If you want the kingly oil, kingly dominion, power over sin, sickness, disease and death and you want to heal the sick and cast out devils, this teaching by Todd will help you come into kingly oil by understanding intimacy and the secret place of the Most High.

Hidden Prayer and Healing