Open Heavens (MP3)


Learn about 2nd & 3rd heaven, seeing in the spirit, reality of spirit realm, angels, prophetic revelation while providing solid guidelines from God’s word.


3 Powerful teachings about the Third Heaven.

The Third Heaven: A powerful teaching on the third heaven, prophetic experiences and being caught up into the spirit. Todd shares on how “Natural” it is to have “Supernatural” encounters. Through scripture, we see common people having extra ordinary, unusual visitations of the presence of God.

Third Heaven Activation: On this tape, Todd leads a group of prophetic students into experiencing the third heaven and exercising their spiritual senses.

Ministering Under an Open Heaven: What is an open heaven? How do you open the windows of heaven, when the heavens above are “brass” and the earth beneath is “iron?” On this tape, Todd will give you the keys to receive spiritual breakthrough and council.