Revival Classics Vol II – The Visitation and Habitation of God (MP3)


Revival Classics is a group of teachings from the earliest days from Todd Bentley’s ministry never released in a digital format.

Be ready to be immersed in the raw and tangible anointing with these Revival Classics from Todd Bentley.


Want your next God encounter to become a God habitation?

In this Revival Classic series Todd teaches you to begin to prepare yourself for God inhabiting your home.

Series Includes

Preparing For Habitation: How to entertain the angel of the Lord and have God stay at your house. This teaching is for those that are hungry for the abiding, manifest presence, and blessing of God on their household.

Visitation To Habitation: Are you hungry for revival? This powerful message on how to turn those Holy Ghost experiences and visitations into habitation of revival.

What can I do to prepare myself for revival?

Fragrant Oil of Worship: This teaching is about passion, intimacy, and worship. Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and heard His sayings. In this teaching, Todd will help you understand the highest from of worship and intimacy.

Let the fragrance of Christ come on you today!